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Hi! I'm Hassane Ihammouten, a young entrepreneur, a front-end developer and a very diligent person dedicated to help you moving your projects to the next level.

In the last years I worked on many projects with many clients from all around the world. I strieve for excellence in what I do.

I'm from Morocco and I live in France - Marseille, I moved here to this country to finish my study and to get more experience.

I will get my Master's degree this summer in Commercialization of Scientific Instruments, and I already started me and my partners creating my first startup.

I love learning new things, and designing and coding beautifull websites (my passion).

dev-hsn / front-end developer / entrepreneur

My prefered quote

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

dev-hsn / front-end developer / entrepreneur

How I started Freelancing?

In 2007 it was my first time in my life that I created a website, I know it wasn't so good but, it was amazing for me to see my first website online.

I started with Adobe Dreamweaver WYSIWYG, then I had a dream to earn money using internet, I tried everything, referral marketing, Google adsense, etc...

But they weren't enough for me, so I keeped looking for a better solution, until I start Freelancing on Upwork in 2012, before this date I was learning how to code and design a good website, also I wasn't able to determine which road I have to take, especially that my study was very different from what I really like to do.

It is true that it wasn't easy to start working on upwork for the first time, so I had to try again and again to get a first contract.

Once I started, I loved doing this, somedays I worked 12h or more :p, but I learned a lot about front-end web development, web design and SEO, and also how to deal with my clients to get their satisfaction (more important than what I earned).

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what people say about me

Technical skills

As a freelancer I participated in several projects, which allowed me to develop many technical skills, I create beautifull responsive websites from scratch and with high performances.

front end development

Front-end Developer

As a front-end developer I convert sketchs or PSDs files to a static cross browser compatibility responive websites, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(jQuery, angularJs), twitter bootstrap framework.

front end development

UX/UI Design

I love designing and sketching customized websites from scratch, or redesign old websites, I give more importance to user experience than to user Interface, I use both Adobe Photoshop and sketch to provide a beautifull design for my clients.

front end development

Web Marketing & SEO Friendly

A website without visitors is of no commercial value, so I help my clients to define their target first then I work on changing their websites or I create a new solution that suit their needs to get more traffic to their websites

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